Best Adventure Games Online

Adventure games are one of the most popular genres in the video gaming world. A lot of these games can be found online – here are three of the best:

One of the most well known online adventure and role-playing games, in which players kill monsters and complete quests, allowing them to gain experience, weapons, items and gold. Combat involves a turn-based system, but is fast paced and enjoyable. Players can also join clans and buy their own houses.

School of Dragons
Based on the fantasy film ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, this is the most popular adventure game on Players start as a student in the School, a Viking ready to start his adventure with your chosen dragon. Meet characters from the film, complete quests, and play on the move as well with the mobile app.

Ninja Saga
Another adventure game released on Facebook, Ninja Saga has over 18 million fans. Create and customize your own ninjas, and build your ultimate ninja team. Embark on missions and collect special rewards. Ninja Saga is a very enjoyable RPG adevnture game that is also available on ios and Android